Jp begins the show with "Tales of My Youth"; including, strange campsites and a perverted trucker. 

From the website Viral Nova a list of true creepy stories that are worse than horror movies. 

The 2016 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame have been announced, the boys chat the HOF and best band names. 

Adam's Ghost: Adam heads to the Pacific Northwest and tracks ghost in Oregon. 

By using a list from Entertainment Weekly, find out who is a bigger CW fan; Adam or Jp 

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Fresh from the wedding of two very dear friends, the boys recap the festivities. 

New music has been unearthed from Queen, the boys review a alternate studio version of We Will Rock You. 

Trailers dropped this week for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Logan. Get the initial thoughts on the upcoming comic films. 

Adam finished the Netflix series Luke Cage, the boys have a series review with minor spoilers. 

Gamer's Corner: Nintendo Switch announcement and Rockstar games teasing Red Dead 2.

Plus, election stuff, singles lines and clown watch 2016

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Creepy Tuesday is back!! This week Adam and Jp chat with paranormal investigator Bear Elliott. Bear has traveled to some paranormal hot spots across the US. He chats with Adam and Jp about his ghost hunting and provides to EVP recordings from his hunts. Bear also shares some paranormal stories from his life long experiences with spirits from the beyond. 

Also, Adam and Jp chat about Alex Trebek, BJ and The Bear and some of their favorite Barrys from history. 

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Over the last few years Adam and Jp have talked a lot about Halloween; the 2016 Halloween special is loaded with some of our favorites.

Relive Adam's Ghost segments from Tennesse, Alabama and Virginia.

From the early podcasting days, Adam and Jp chat their favorite Horror icons and Halloween on TV.

Josh (Host of Collection Connection) phones in with a personal ghost story.

Jp visits a haunted Civil War cemetery with Brooklyn.

Long time friend and 80s Horror fan, Mike Dudley, stops by to chat about must have horror movies for your DVD collection. 

Plus.... creepy audio, the lady in the lake and Drinkin' Stein.  

Direct download: 2016_Halloween_Special.mp3
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The Clown Hysteria has forced one fast food icon into hiding, get the scoop. Plus, Adam is considering attending a pro-clown rally. 

The other clown horror show continues.... ya know the US Presidential race. 

Jp has watched The Flash, Arrow and Ash vs. Evil Dead season premieres. Get his take. Also, a quick review of Sully and Magnificent 7.

Gamer's Corner: New releases include Gears of War 4 and WWE 2K17

Adam's Ghost is dancing on the ceiling in Mississippi.

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This week, Clown Watch 2016 has made it all the way to the highest office in the land, Adam and Jp has the details. 

The new Netflix series Luke Cage has landed and Jp has binged it. 

Gamer's Corner: New releases include Mafia 3, Call of Duty. Also, Gaming Year 1991 

The new Adam and Jp Hotline is open 615-538-5770. The boys check their voicemail. 

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To keep with the creepy Tuesday theme of the last few weeks, Jp opens with a brief history of a serial killer known as The Cleveland Torso Murderer or The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run. The 1930s era unsolved murders are wrought with creepy details and one famous crime buster. 

Talk then turns to cults such as The Manson Family and The Branch Davidians. 

Adam's Ghost: This week Adam goes ghost hunting the great state of South Carolina and then goes international with ghost of Ireland. 

Direct download: 194_-_100416.mp3
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This week starts with an update on the Clown Panic that has gripped the nation. Tennessee seems to be ground zero for the Bozo Apocalypse.

Jp has checked out a new podcast titled "In The Dark." He has a review of this new True Crime show and how one detail of the story reminded him of Adam.

Rolling Stone has released a list of The 100 Greatest TV Shows of all time. The boys debate the magazines choices and what they would put on this list.

Gamer's Corner: New releases include FIFA and political games. Plus, the 25 Anniversary of The Nintendo 64.

Also, Spider-Man News and the upcoming DC series on The CW.

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The boys have an update on the clown sightings of the Southeast, including one close to home. 

Jp has the story of a self-proclaimed time traveler and interplanetary ambassador. 

The boys speculate about the existence of life beyond the stars.

Adam's Ghost: Hauntings from the state of Georgia, including the ghost of a theme park.


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This week is packed with scary stories... Like Adam watching The Voice and Jp checking out Designated Survivor. 

Jp questions his neighbors after seeing a handgun while on a walk through the sub-division. 

Mass hysteria in Tennessee caused a gas shortage last week in the boys hometown, here the stories of how they dealt with it. 

As Halloween draws near, Adam and Jp turn to Spotify for the perfect Halloween playlist, sadly they find The Halloween Singers. 

Gamer's Corner: News about FIFA Soccer and WWE 2k17

Plus, what's coming to Netflix in October. 

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