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Adam and Jp have to wait an hour to see the new trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming. This is how they spend it...

Stories from Adam's Bachelor party include .... all night roulette, hiding your sandwich, crashing a jewelry store, quad cramps and a big, big buffet.

Star Wars theories are starting to pop up about the parentage of Rey. Also, What can we expect from Rogue One?

Gamer's Corner: New releases include Tennis In The Face!, Deadrising 4 and The Last Guardian. Gaming News includes Nintendo Switch info.  

Finally, the show ends with the boys watching the brand new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer. 

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Adam is counting down the days and prepping for his upcoming Hawaiian getaway.

The boys chat about the new documentary focusing on the Church of Scientology. 

The Georgia Guidstones: Adam and Jp look at The Georgia Guidestones.. What are they? Who built them? Are the of occult origin? Is it The New World Order?

This discussion leads to the theory of a "New World Order" and a surprising globalist view one member of The AJP family seems to have. 

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Adam and Jp chat about Thanksgiving festivities. 

Adam discovered one of his Christmas lists from 2002... was he smart or greedy? 

Find out who wants a drone for Christmas.

Gamer's Corner: New releases include VR Games and a Hearthstone update.

Jp fixes The Walking Dead 

The boys list movies they dislike that everyone else seems to love.

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Find out what happened when Adam had to babysit a chicken and Jp met Garth Brooks. 

Find out who the first US President to pardon a Turkey was.

Find out when the boys lost the Christmas "belief." 

Find out what non-traditional Christmas movies are considered the best.

Find out what some of the best movies of 2017 might be.




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It's a Thanksgiving Miracle!! The Adam and Jp Show is one day early!

Adam and Jp open with chat about a surgery that went wrong, the hey-day of mall stores and MC Hammer gold. 

Several films passed some serious anniversaries this week, including Rocky and Adam's Family.

Adam checked out the new film Trolls, get his quick and unbiased review. 

Gamer's Corner: An Anime game for Nashville and Black Friday deals that will blow your mind. 

Finally, the boys address some fallout from their mocking of Conspiracy nut, Alex Jones. 

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So, Adam and Jp sit down to record a regular podcast. What happens is a stroll down WWF/WWE memory lane.

Wrassle Chat includes... the card from an early 2000's Pay-Per-View that Jp attended, Judgement Day 2002. The boys compare that card to the card for Survivor Series 2016.

Plus, the various Raw/Smackdown General Managers and commissioners through the years.

Were you bullied in school? Jp chats about being bullied and how after a few years it forced him to make a heel turn of his own.

Robots. Some love them, some hate them, some believe they will take over and kill humanity. The boys talk about a possible robot apocalypse. 

Also, six degrees of Kevin Bacon and Star Wars cars. 





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Adam and Jp are having a better week thank Infowars crazy host, Alex Jones. 

Jp tries to brighten up your week with the return of the Friday song. 

Our heroes recount the adventures of The Grand Ole Game Room Expo. 

Disney is trying to buy Netflix, while AT&T buys Warner Bros. 

Gamer's Corner: New VR releases and Watchdogs 2. The biggest games of October 2016. 

Plus, Toilet facts and watching eBay. 

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This week, Adam and Jp chat with Craig Goldberg, Abigail Gardner and Jacob Walsh; the hosts of the Yes Have Some podcast. 

It's a podcasserole of pop-culture including .... Ghostbusters, Kevin Smith Films, Westworld, Seinfeld, Dr. Strange and Batman Forever.


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In which our heroes are suffering from an election hangover. Listen as two small time podcasters explain the state of American politics. 

On the lighter side, the new MCU movie Dr. Strange is dominating the box office, Adam and Jp have seen and have thoughts.

Gamer's Corner: The end of one Nintendo system and dawn of another. 

Finally...presidential theme songs, famous vehicles and Star Trek Beyond.

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It's Election Day!!! Adam and Jp chat (hopefully for the last time) about the US Presidential Election. They talk predictions, fears and what we might learn from the this years circus. 

A university professor is in some hot water for his campus event. Find out what he was using school funds to study. 

The United States had the clown panic of 2016, a small village in England has it's own creepy sightings. 

A new research paper has been released about earworms, find out what researchers believe are the stickiest songs of all time. 

Plus, the greatest sci-fi movies of the last ten years and convention gouging. 

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