The boys have an update on the clown sightings of the Southeast, including one close to home. 

Jp has the story of a self-proclaimed time traveler and interplanetary ambassador. 

The boys speculate about the existence of life beyond the stars.

Adam's Ghost: Hauntings from the state of Georgia, including the ghost of a theme park.


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This week is packed with scary stories... Like Adam watching The Voice and Jp checking out Designated Survivor. 

Jp questions his neighbors after seeing a handgun while on a walk through the sub-division. 

Mass hysteria in Tennessee caused a gas shortage last week in the boys hometown, here the stories of how they dealt with it. 

As Halloween draws near, Adam and Jp turn to Spotify for the perfect Halloween playlist, sadly they find The Halloween Singers. 

Gamer's Corner: News about FIFA Soccer and WWE 2k17

Plus, what's coming to Netflix in October. 

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Creepy clowns have been spotted in many states in the Southeastern United States. Is this just innocent fun or is something more sinister at play? 

The potential 2016 entrants have been announced for The Toy Hall of Fame, the boys run down the nominees and examine the toys in the HOF today.

Adam's Ghost: This week AG heads north of the lower 48 to find some of the paranormal stories of Alaska.

Finally, a brief discussion of the 90s comedy Stay Tuned, starring John Ritter. Also, the difference in a great movie and a fun re-watchable movie. 

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The fallout of last week's new game "That Hits The Spotify" continues as the boys have traveled down various bad country rabbit holes over the last week. 

Jp retrieves old voice messages from a bygone Adam and Jp phone number. Also, the boys respond to some social media messages and emails. 

Jp watched season 1 of iZombie and has a short review of the comic based series. Adam checked out the Andy Samberg comedy Popstar, while reviewing he revels how far on his "Favorite Comedy" list Samberg's Hot Rod would be. 

Gamer's Corner: A ton of new releases include VR Ping Pong, NHL '17, Coackroach Simulator, Pro Evolution Soccer, Pac-Man Champion Edition 2, PC Deadrising and the complete Bioshock collection. In Gaming News - top selling games of August.  

Plus.... Hellraiser: Revelations, Supergirl, Millennial Hate and great comedy films.

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The Tuesday show starts with Adam introducing a new game "That Hits The Spotify." 

After the game goes on waaaaay to long, the boys chat the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. 

Adam's Ghost: The Halloween season favorite makes it's 2016 debut. This time out, the haunts of our nation's capital. 

Plus... iPhone 7, Batman casting news and more Dragon Con talk. 

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It's the annual Dragon Con wrap up show. Adam and Jp chat the cosplay, the panels, the guest and the fun that was Dragon Con 2016.

From the Interview Room at Dragon Con Team AJP chats with Ciara Renee (DC's Legends of Tomorrow)

Gamer's Corner: 18 Wheels of Steel, Political Games and GTA V Updates. 


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It started on Collection Connection and ends on The Adam and Jp Show, this is the semi-annual Summer Super Show. 

Josh (Collection Connection) joins Adam and Jp to chat summer movies, concert tours and Dragoncon.

Gamer's Corner: World of Warcraft, Minecraft and games based off toy lines. 

Plus, John Wick and the most amazing Batman cosplay ever. 



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Retro guru Mike D is back with Adam and Jp for the Tuesday show. 

Mike recounts a story from Jp's past in which he almost ruined a strangers wedding. 

Talk turns to 80s music, Star Trek films and the biggest superhero box office bombs.

Adam's Ghost: The Halloween tradition is coming back and this week Adam teases with horror stories from Philly.

A Brief History: Mike D puts his Transformers Informer mantel to the test with a brief history of the 1986 animated classic.


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A long time friend of The Adam and Jp family, Mike D, swings by the show. Mike is a walking and talking Wikipedia of 80s and 90s entertainment.

Most recently he made a two episode stop by AJP sister show "Collection Connection," where he was dubbed Transformer Informer Mike. 

Conversation starts with chat about Rocky films, autograph seeking, and Mike's con visits since 1994. 

Gamer's Corner: Adam pays tribute to the Transformer Informer by listing the best and worst games featuring "The robots in disguise."

The Friday show wraps with some of Mike's favorite horror franchises and films. 

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The boys start the show by reveling the cliffhanger ending from Friday.

Last week a popular hashtag was 7FaveFilms, the internet has tallied the votes and the seven favorite films of Twitter are reveled. 

A new reboot has been announced... here's a clue, Col. Mustard. 

An internet list revels some of the strangest things that have been taken to space over the years. 

A Brief History: From the early days of Superman to the 80s mega-hit He-Man and the Masters of the Universe; Adam and Jp chat the history of Filmation Studios. 

Finally, the story of a German sausage party.

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