Adam and Jp discuss some adventures from the past year involving the show and possible partnerships. Though some proved fruitful, others not so much. All the experience was taken to heart and led to this year's story arch on The Adam and Jp Show.

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The boys sit down to record a Friday the 13th episode and look inward for fears and phobias. 

Jon Peters is a Hollywood producer who worked on 1989's Batman and tried to make one of the worst Superman movies on record. The boys chat about a recent interview he gave about the comic films he worked on.

Gamer's Corner: Nintendo Swtich announcement. 

Plus, the most popular Netlfix shows, state by state and the best of 2016.

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Adam and Jp are back from holiday break to kick off 2017. 

Jp feels like AT&T are directly targeting him with a new national spot. 

Adam got married and spent his honeymoon in Hawaii. He chats about a 10 hour flight, the cost of living on the islands and the state's favorite food.

The boys have their long overdue discussion about Rogue One: A Star Wars story. Is it truly the best movie since The Empire Strikes Back? 

Jp rang in the New Year at Disney World. He chats about a special sneek peak he got at a new attraction. 

Plus, Time Share pitches, Carrie Fisher and highlights of 2016.

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Late on Saturday night of The Grand Ole Gameroom Expo in Nashville, Tennessee. Adam and Jp were part of of panel featuring podcasters from the Southeast. The mission was to discuss the future of gaming...They kind of did that that. Featured here are Brent and Whitney from The Broken Token Podcast and Patrick from The Gameroom Junkies podcast, Josh from Collection Connection...Oh yeah, and Adam and Jp.

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The final "Live" show of 2016 has some Creepy Tuesday fun! In 1942 something was hovering the skies over Southern California. Was it a Japanese attack? A weather balloon? or something from another galaxy? This week The Battle of Los Angeles. 

Ben Affleck has made some comments about his upcoming solo Batman movie, get some news and details. 

Marvel is busy bringing The Defenders to Netflix and The Inhumans to I-Max.

Plus, worst comic book casting in films, favorite Christmas movies and Creepy Adam. 

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This week starts with sad news of another 2016 celebrity death. 

Talk quickly turns to The Golden Globes and fun nominations for Deadpool, Stranger Things and Westworld. 

Adam is almost married. Will he make it back for Season 7 for The Adam and Jp Show? 

As the boys record, they are hours away from seeing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Get some early reviews and spoiler free news about the latest tale from a galaxy far, far away. 

James Gunn has made comments about the use of Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Is the sapling a marketing tool or plot essential in the eagerly anticipated sequel? 

Kid Rock has some fun Trump themed Christmas gifts for the Trumpet on your list. 

Gamer's Corner: New releases include the final installment of the Telltale Games Batman saga. Plus, Adam has a list of memorable or non-memorable Christmas themed video games.  

Business Insider has released their list of the greatest video games of all time. Do you agree? 

Finally, the Friday Free For All ends with some favorite Holiday memories. 

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Creepy Tuesday is back and this week it's more Conspiracy Theory fun with FEMA Camps. 

We all know The Federal Emergency Management Agency as some of the first on the scene in the event of a national disaster. But, a few believe FEMA is an arm of the New World Order, ready to send most Americans to a barbed wire covered camp for re-education and sometimes, much worse. 

Adam and Jp discuss the origins of FEMA camps, evidence that theorist believe point to mass interment and how some have debunked the whole idea. 

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Adam and Jp have to wait an hour to see the new trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming. This is how they spend it...

Stories from Adam's Bachelor party include .... all night roulette, hiding your sandwich, crashing a jewelry store, quad cramps and a big, big buffet.

Star Wars theories are starting to pop up about the parentage of Rey. Also, What can we expect from Rogue One?

Gamer's Corner: New releases include Tennis In The Face!, Deadrising 4 and The Last Guardian. Gaming News includes Nintendo Switch info.  

Finally, the show ends with the boys watching the brand new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer. 

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Adam is counting down the days and prepping for his upcoming Hawaiian getaway.

The boys chat about the new documentary focusing on the Church of Scientology. 

The Georgia Guidstones: Adam and Jp look at The Georgia Guidestones.. What are they? Who built them? Are the of occult origin? Is it The New World Order?

This discussion leads to the theory of a "New World Order" and a surprising globalist view one member of The AJP family seems to have. 

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Adam and Jp chat about Thanksgiving festivities. 

Adam discovered one of his Christmas lists from 2002... was he smart or greedy? 

Find out who wants a drone for Christmas.

Gamer's Corner: New releases include VR Games and a Hearthstone update.

Jp fixes The Walking Dead 

The boys list movies they dislike that everyone else seems to love.

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