A long time friend of The Adam and Jp family, Mike D, swings by the show. Mike is a walking and talking Wikipedia of 80s and 90s entertainment.

Most recently he made a two episode stop by AJP sister show "Collection Connection," where he was dubbed Transformer Informer Mike. 

Conversation starts with chat about Rocky films, autograph seeking, and Mike's con visits since 1994. 

Gamer's Corner: Adam pays tribute to the Transformer Informer by listing the best and worst games featuring "The robots in disguise."

The Friday show wraps with some of Mike's favorite horror franchises and films. 

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The boys start the show by reveling the cliffhanger ending from Friday.

Last week a popular hashtag was 7FaveFilms, the internet has tallied the votes and the seven favorite films of Twitter are reveled. 

A new reboot has been announced... here's a clue, Col. Mustard. 

An internet list revels some of the strangest things that have been taken to space over the years. 

A Brief History: From the early days of Superman to the 80s mega-hit He-Man and the Masters of the Universe; Adam and Jp chat the history of Filmation Studios. 

Finally, the story of a German sausage party.

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Kindergarten puppets, talking books, Vikings and The Wolf man .... all in the first ten minutes of this episode. 

The boys chat the recent Ghostbusters fandom documentary, Ghostheads. 

Adam discusses the documentary about Moterhead lead singer, Lemmy. 

Gamer's Corner: New releases include some HD remakes. Some gaming news about the 3DS

Plus, Kennny Loggin's net worth and a cliffhanger.  

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The boys begin with some comic culture headlines including: Kevin Smith and Supergirl, Fast and Furious, and Suicide Squad.

Jp is excited that a bygone TV feature of the 90s has seemed to returned.

A Brief History: This week Adam and Jp explore the history of Touchstone Films.

Finally the show closes with chat about some of the most unusual museums known to man.

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Adam and Jp are bathing in the glow of the USA Team at the 2016 Summer Games. They have found themselves following sports they never thought they would watch. 

The boys watched the new DCEU film Suicide Squad. Did they love it? Did they hate it? Was it just .... so so. Hear the spoiler review. 

Gamer's Corner: More HD Rmakes, Nintendo promises and No Man's Sky.

Plus, the future of Ghostbusters. 

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To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of MTV this week the boys take a long look at the history of music videos and the impact MTV made on culture. 

From first known music videos to Friday Night videos, Adam and Jp chat the greatest and the state of videos today. 

Also, more chat about the Netlfix original series Stranger Things. 

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As the early reviews for the new DCEU offering, Suicide Squad, begins to hit the web Adam and Jp start to prep themselves for possible disappointment. 

Some DC fans have taken to the web to try and shut down Rotten Tomatoes. The thought is, they are bias towards DC movies. In response, the website has ranked 24 DC films from best to worst. 

Adam has some concerns about where his mind is for the "Con" culture. Have they changed or has he?

Gamer's Corner: Are the local police cracking down on Pokemon Go? Who built the Pokemon monument in New Orleans? What game system didn't release a game this week for the first time since it's launch?

Plus, Scooby Doo EDM and Rob Zombie Games  

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Just days before the second DCEU film of the year, Adam and Jp review the history of the Suicide Squad in comics and tracks how Task Force X finally made it to the silver screen. 

In the second half of the show, Adam and Jp chat Stranger Things. The Netflix original series has become one of the "Must See" shows of the summer. From the retro film making methods to the many, many...many 80s references, the near unknown Duffer Brothers have created a fun series that sparks that itch of nostalgia and gives us a great original sci-fi/horror story, at the same time.

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From a Wonder Woman and Justice League trailer to The Defenders and return of live action Ghost Rider. This week the boys recap all the big stories from this year's San Diego Comic-Con. 

Marvel Films, DC Films, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Ash vs. Evil Dead, this is a fandom greatest hits. 

Gamer's Corner: New HD remakes from Marvel and some Sega love. 

Plus, real life WWE stables and how politics see the future. 


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Adam and Jp briefly re-visit the new Ghostbusters movie to discuss the idea it might actually be a sequel to GB 1 and 2. 

The new Netflix series Stranger Things has gotten nothing but positive reviews. Jp has checked out the first episode and has some thoughts.

Jp also finally watched 10 Cloverfield Lane and has a brief non-spoiler review. He also reviews BVS: The Ultimate Cut. 

Adam watched the documentary The Resurrection of Jake The Snake. Get his thoughts on this non-wrestling documentary. 

The nation is still in the grips of Pokemon Go, Adam has some advice for new players and the strangest stories about the mobile gaming fad.

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