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Pod Casserole

Join Adam and Jp as they explore the multi-verse of Pop-Culture. This is Pod Casserole. 

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Feb 24, 2017

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The Friday Pod Casserole begins with a EUGE announcement about the Tremors movie franchise. This sends Adam and Jp down a Tremors plot/Reba rabbit hole.

Audio has surfaced of Lady Gaga's isolated mic from her Super Bowl performance, you can take a listen with Adam and J. Patrick.

This week's topic: Our Favorite TV Spin-offs.

Since the early days of TV, your favorite characters would branch out and try to grow their own series. Adam and Jp discuss their favorites. From the Norman Lear Universe that includes Archie Bunker and George Jefferson to current spin-offs like The Flash and Fuller House; this is a fun boob tube romp with the boys.

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