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Pod Casserole

Join Adam and Jp as they explore the multi-verse of Pop-Culture. This is Pod Casserole. 

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Oct 26, 2018

As Halloween draws near it's the second half of the 2018 Super Show. Josh (Collection Connection) along with Mel (Two Dead Chicks) join the boys to ring in their favorite holiday. Included in this episode: Adam's Ghost, some real life horror, more scary movie chat, and the final 2018 Halloween wrap-up. 


Oct 19, 2018

Welcome to part 1 of the year's Halloween Super Show. The boys are once again joined by Josh (Collection Connection) and a new surprised guests.

A Halloween tradition returns as the roundtable plays Dead and Rotten, and a new favorite for this year Halloween Hot Takes. 



Oct 12, 2018

Step beyond this door...go ahead...cross over into the Twilight Zone. Adam and Jp break down three of their favorite episodes of the 1960's classic, plus chat a little about Twilight Zone: The Movie and look at some of the attempts to update the series. 

Plus, Adam's Ghost and some comic-book movie news.


Oct 5, 2018

Halloween 2018 continues with a look at the wacky misadventures of Norman Bates and his mom. From the 1960 classic to the recent Bates Motel series, it's all about a favorite psycho killer.

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